August 12th, 2007

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Yesterday I went up and saw my good friend Rachel! We had lunch at the Cornelius Pass Roadhouse. I love that place - the inside has a beautiful old barn style with huge timbers and dark old wood and wrought iron. The outside is full of tables clustered under black walnut trees, and you can walk around through gardens and grass to an old round barn and a little brewery and distillery. There were two weddings being set up while we were there so we didn't get to explore as much as we wanted.

Then we stopped at Starbucks where Cory and I used to hang out, at Bethany Road. Bethany Village (condos and shops) hasn't changed much, but new apartments and townhouses and condos are popping up everywhere in that general area. While at Starbucks, I called solteronita and we decided to meet up at the Rose Garden in Washington Park. There were two weddings going on at the Rose Garden as well. (Or one was going on and the other was just a wedding party taking pictures.) Rach said "just looking at them makes me feel like I'm spending money!" Heh. We smelled a lot of roses (one smelled like candy, one smelled like cookies, one smelled like feet), and then we sat in the amphitheater, chatting and watching a band set up. We ended up staying through the first half of the band, which had a lot of African dancing, and then we were hungry so we parted ways so I could take Rach back to Beaverton so she could get a few things for the evening, and then the three of us met up again at a Thai restaurant on Stark and 46th or so. It was really good - we ate until we were stuffed but it didn't look like we took much of anything from the serving platters. They gave us a baby dessert of rice and mango, which was yummy too.

Then we parted ways and I came home to sleep. I wish Portland wasn't so far away.
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Cory and I have been hearing a lot about responsible food-buying and -eating on NPR lately, and also about Community Sponsored Agriculture, where you buy a share of a harvest at a CSA Farm and in return you get a box of produce (or in some cases meat or flowers or honey or dairy products or eggs too) once a week. It encourages biodiversity in crops, which helps the soil; and you know where all of your food comes from; and it provides farmers with the ability to spend their time working on their crops rather than trying to market their produce as they have a market who's already paid for their share. There are quite a few CSA's in the Portland area, but there are only two (that I know of) in the Corvallis area: Gathering Together Farm and Denison Farms. It's too late, of course, for us to try it this year; but I'm glad to have some time to work out a bit of math and see if I spend more money in the produce section of Safeway than I would in a CSA.

The idea of eating more simply really appeals to me, though the practice has escaped me 'cause I like soda and chips and other junky food. But I love the idea of living more simply and buying food locally and all that good stuff. I think when it gets closer to fall I think about it more because of the harvest and going to pumpkin patches and picking apples and such.