August 22nd, 2007

S&G 1

Rainier and Yakima

Cory and I celebrated the end of the summer (sort of - it's not the end of the summer but things are going to progress pretty quickly from here, as far as quitting jobs and getting ready to start school) with a trip to Yakima via Mt. Rainier National Park.

We left just before lunch on Saturday and started the trek up north. We took I5 up to highway 12, which runs east-west to Yakima. It was around 3 by the time we got to the park, and it was beautiful - dark and misty, just like a forest and mountain should be. We played around until about 6, and then got going to Yakima, where we had to look in three different hotels before we found a non-smoking room that was open.

In the morning, we opened the curtains to rain! Yay! Except that the reunion was going to be at a park, so I wasn't sure what was going to happen. So we puttered around and looked at the places Cory used to live and he told me lots of stories about his childhood while the rain tapered off, and then we jetted over to the park, which was empty except for a sign that directed us to Cory's grandparents' orchard. So off we went to Wapato.

We spent several hours at the orchard, and had a nice walk with Cory's dad and good conversations with other family members, and then we headed for home. It was a very nice weekend.

I started writing this post on Monday morning. And then things got really hectic at work - my old boss (the controller of the company) gave her notice and I was asked to take over for her. So I've been training my replacement, and haven't even had a chance to be trained by the controller so I'm feeling a little nervous, but she'll be a consultant and is happy to help me out after she leaves, so that will be nice to have someone to fall back on.

I forgot my crocheting at work, so now I suppose I shall clean or something similarly drastic. While I do that, you can look at pictures of our trip, with lots of informative captions!