September 3rd, 2007

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Why is it that three-day weekends always seem half as long as two-day weekends?!

This morning I met two of my coworkers (and one coworker's two young children) at Enchanted Forest. It was fun - I love hokey little Enchanted Forest. We parted ways just before lunch, so I met up with my aunt and uncle for some yummy Indian food. Except the Indian place was closed. So we decided on yummy Thai food. Except the Thai place was closed. So we ended up at yummy Taco Del Mar. We also stopped at Cost Plus while we waited for the line to shrink a bit at Del Mar.

Next I stopped at my friend Erin's house to meet her 5-week-old son Anthony. He's adorable, and such a sweetheart - I'm super excited to watch him grow! Erin and her husband and I had tea and chatted for a couple of hours before it was time to go home.

I can almost hear the anticipation tonight, not only for the kids who are going back to school tomorrow; but for Cory, who starts his last two weeks of work tomorrow; and for me, starting my new job at the mill. We're both a little nervous and excited. And in the morning, if I have time, I'll watch out the window for the school bus full of kids with their new backpacks.