December 1st, 2007

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This morning we got our tree. He's a little baby Noble. My goodness, trees are expensive! But I'm not quite ready to buy a pre-lit plastic tree yet - I love the evergreen smell and the time spent stringing it up, and being the good little lumber-mill-employed Oregonian that I am, I like supporting my local Oregon tree farm. We took the baby to Starbucks (the tree lot is right next to it - just a short walk away from our house) and leaned him against the wall while we went in to get our fix. And now it's leaning against the house in a bucket of water while I sit here on my butt writing in LJ clean the living room in preparation for his arrival.
S&G 1

A cut and a Christmas tree

I met my friend Erin and her baby Anthony at Target in Albany, and we walked around looking at baby clothes and Christmas things. I picked up a Christmas tree skirt so I wouldn't have to keep using the sheet I usually used. We walked through the mall a bit and then braved the wind and rain to get back to our cars and over to the coffee shop, where I got to hold Anthony for a long time and let him suck on my knuckles and drool all over me. :)

With the Christmas tree skirt on, the tree looks a little more polished. It's not done yet - Cory is going to fit the Lego train somewhere around the base - but it's colorful now.