March 30th, 2008

S&G 1

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Ah, springtime in Oregon. We took advantage of a sunbreak this afternoon to go for a bike ride to campus to check out where Cory has his classes this term. Just about as soon as we got outside the sun started to fade, but we left anyway. We got to campus, chatted for a minute, and then went to look at the bike racks at Benton Hall where choir meets, as I was thinking about riding there tonight. When we got to Benton Hall it started hailing, so we stood underneath a tree for a few minutes until it let up. It did for a second but got worse again as we hit Fred Meyer on the way back home for laundry detergent, and when we left Fred's the hail was so bad people were hovering in the doorways instead of heading for their cars. We waited under an overhang until it got a little less icky, and rode home in the rain and hail. We were soaked (good thing I had my waterproof coat on).

We just got home and I've been sitting here for about two minutes and the sun is out in force again. I guess we just have bad timing.

Off to take a shower. Showers are the best right after you get all wet and cold.