April 16th, 2008

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Young Me / Now Me

I giggled at the Young Me/Now Me submissions I found via someone (SwissMiss, I think). My fav is the chubby baby with its head resting on its hand. :D

I want to see your young me/now me pics too! I'll see if I can find a good baby pic tonight and try it myself as well.
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La la la

I had my choir concert last night. It was the last one of the season. We'd had some spacing issues at our last rehearsal (the lady in front of me stood as far back on her riser as she could, which meant she was bumping me in the stomach with her back any time she moved, and I had to hold my music over her head which was higher than was comfortable - and the guy beside me wouldn't move down into the open space next to her which would have solved the problem, but he liked having the guy next to him singing in his ear) but they fixed themselves last night, which was nice. (During the second half, we ended up missing a tenor somehow, so someone moved into that spot and I had tons of room!) I've probably said this before, but singing in a concert like that is pretty draining, physically and mentally, so it was nice to walk afterwards as my toes had fallen asleep and my shoulder had that familiar twang that it gets when I hold music for an extended period of time.

I had mixed feelings about this piece. It was Beethoven's Missa Solemnis, and while it had pretty spots, it was a bear to work out and it almost felt disjointed at times. But far be it from little ol' me to criticize the genius of Beethoven, so I'll stop. :)

I parked next to the exit so I could get out faster, and on the way from the auditorium I walked past a bunch of people huddled around a lady they were putting on a bench. People were murmering things about 911 and such, and asking the lady if she could hear them. I kept going, because I hadn't seen what happened and I wasn't going to help things by hanging out to see the EMT's come (there were already like 20 people there doing that). But because there were so many people trying to get out of the parking lot, I couldn't back out and ended up waiting past the time the ambulance arrived. I hope she's OK!

And now it's time to get back in the swing of normal stuff. I'm sad to say I'm actually sort of looking forward to having time in the evenings to clean. Hah. Just don't remind me of that tonight when I sit down on my comfy couch with no intention of getting back up until bedtime.