May 5th, 2008

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The Internet went down earlier. It sucks to lose internet when the majority of your job is done on the Internet. My accounting software is accessed remotely via the Internet. My log accounting software is a flash-based online program. And then of course there's the whole email thing. You never really know how much you rely on the Internet until it's gone, eh? I called our provider, which is a teensy little Corvallis-based company (well, teensy compared to, like, Comcast) and waited on hold for tech support for a couple of minutes until I was satisfied that their slow phone-answering meant the problem was on their end. It's back up now (I almost said obviously, but I did start typing this post on my iPhone so it wouldn't have been that obvious). In case you were worried or something.

So, weekend recap.

Friday evening we saw Iron Man. We got to the theater around half an hour before the movie was supposed to start because we had a feeling it'd be busy. People trickled in until the theater was full, and then people who got there two minutes before the lights went down stood in the doorway saying "crap!" to each other. Silly people. Plan ahead. If it's (technically) opening night, you'll have a hard time finding a decent seat if you get there two minutes before it starts.

On Saturday I forget what I did. The weather wasn't as nice as I thought it was going to be. Oh yeah, Cory took a day off (mostly) so we spent a couple of hours playing World of Warcraft, which we hadn't done since he started this term at the end of March. That game is a time sucker, I tell ya. And we went for a bike ride in the afternoon, down to my bank. It was downhill the whole way, which you never think about until you're at the bottom, on a bike, and the wind is blowing downhill and you realize you have to go back up. I deposited my checks and had a hard time with the uphill into-the-wind part, so we deposited our bikes at home and walked up the steep part of the hill to get to Cory's bank so he could deposit his checks. I ended up feeling sorry for myself because since Cory rides all the time he's a lot stronger than me and was able to ride circles around weak little me.

Yesterday was gorgeous. I walked to WinCo and grocery shopped, and reminded myself of how much I love my Envirosax bags. The handles are really wide (which means a heavy bag doesn't make the handles cut into your hands like disposable plastic bags), and they're long enough to fit over your shoulder, which is nice when you're walking to the store. I ended up with three bags semi-full which was enough food for a week or so. (The capacity is a lot bigger with these bags than with regular shopping bags.) I also went to the Co-Op to look for produce bags but didn't find any, which is not to say they don't have any, because I didn't ask anyone to help. I also got produce at Fred Meyer. (One more month until the CSA starts, and then I get to pick up my weekly produce from the farm! I guess that means I don't need any produce bags after all, actually. Hmm.) I also crocheted a little, and in the evening I watched part 1 of Cranford on Masterpiece Theater, which was cute.

Today is supposed to be even nicer than yesterday, which makes sense since it's Monday and I have to work. My window is open though, and I'm listening to the birdies (and the mill workers who are having lunch right now, but that won't last too much longer). This weather makes me want to find new patio furniture ASAP.

I downloaded Firefox today, too. I got tired of Internet Explorer on my work computer - it's annoying, and it quit on me twice this morning.
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OMG, Shoes.

This is for my reference, really. I like shoe-shopping with LJ. I'm looking for sandals to wear to work during the summertime.

Vy - The heel is kind of low, but it's cute. More like a ballet shoe than a sandal though.

Sandstone - These are a bit chunky but I really like the saltwater sandal -esque upper; it reminds me of when I was a kid.

Daley - Maybe too tall?

Oh Mo - I like the part of the upper that goes over the toes, but I'm not sure I like the part that goes over the arch.

There were several that I really liked parts of. I wish I could mix and match uppers with soles. Last year I liked wedges but I'm moving away from them this year I think.