May 13th, 2008

S&G 1


There is a mourning dove outside somewhere. They remind me of California. This can really be a peaceful place, if you don't pay attention to the hum of the mill in the distance - there are birds all over the place, and three families of geese have been hanging around the old log pond. Swallows have built their annual nests under the eaves between the office buildings and are leaving splatters on the windows and on the cars, but their sweet chirping kind of makes up for it.

It is Tuesday, one of my "alone" days at work - I share the back office building with a coworker who goes down to our sister company on Tuesdays and Thursdays, so when she's gone it's very quiet back here. I'm drinking a cappuccino but it's kind of burnt-tasting this morning so I'm not loving it.

I have two crochet projects due at the same time. This is the calm before the storm - I haven't gotten the yarn for either one yet. But I'm expecting it soon.

Cory contracted my sore throat on Sunday, and yesterday he stayed home sick. I worried about him all morning until I finally called him and he sounded fine. He had a bad headache and a sore throat, but no chest congestion and no fever and today he's back at school like nothing ever happened. I'm not sure why he got so lucky. I'm still coughing and blowing my nose and I had the worst of it five days ago. Pfft.

Today and tomorrow are supposedly the last cool days for awhile, and then we're supposed to have record heat for the next little while. Last night I boxed up most of my sweaters and brought out my tank tops and skirts in anticipation. I'm not really looking forward to the extreme heat, though some days in the 70s would be OK with me. Perhaps the heat can be an excuse to find new clothes that look good on me yet can keep me cool. I also bought those saltwater-esque sandals from Zappo's. I love that company - their customer service is so very nice.