May 21st, 2008

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Our friends who are living in Maine (but will be back in Oregon soon!) just had their baby yesterday early early! No complications or anything, or so it seems from the very short blog post written by grandma. Congrats, Adam and Laura! And welcome, Micah!
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5 pounds of blackberries

Cory's doing a presentation in his sustainability class on Friday about blackberries, and he wanted to serve his classmates a little blackberry crisp during the presentation. So yesterday I bought six 18-ounce boxes of blackberries at Costco, and picked through them tonight to get just over 14 cups of non-moldy berries (with one box left over and a little over one box being kind of ooky) to pour sugar and a little lemon juice over. I also mixed up 8 cups of soy milk, 8 of flour and 8 of sugar and just barely made it with the bowl I used (I used the biggest one for the blackberries). Now everything's having a nap in the fridge until tomorrow, when I will bake for four hours to make enough blackberry crisp for 40 people. I hope it's good - I snuck a berry and it tasted like nothing. This is not blackberry season. I will cross my fingers under my pillow tonight. :)