May 27th, 2008

S&G 1

Weekend Recap

I figured I'd go off on a tangent first, so I can get it out of the way. CNN had an article about "staycations" over the weekend. I swear it's a relatively recent thing, feeling the need to make new words up like that. Why can't you just say you're staying home? Or not going on a vacation? Why do we have to make up a silly word for it? (Further tangent: it reminds me of Friday night when I was using up the rest of the pancake mix - on the back of the box it talked about how Krusteaz came into being: it was thought up by a women's bridge club to be an easy way to make pie crust, "a clever mix of 'crust' and 'ease'" - how is that clever again?)

Anyway. Here's the jist of my "staycation" over the weekend.

It started with Friday, sort of. We all went home early. Woot.

Saturday, my friend in Salem had a garage sale. I tried my hardest to get there by 7:30 but I didn't get there until after 8. It's hard to get up on a Saturday morning and leave the house by 6:30! I did some crocheting and played with her son and sold my aluminum Christmas tree for less than I should have. But it's out of my spare room now so it was worth it I guess. We had a good crowd in the morning but by lunchtime it thinned out and nobody came all afternoon so I left a little bit early so I could have dinner with Cory.

Sunday Cory and I went out to McDonald Forest to have a walk. We stopped at Hesthavn, which is an Audubon Society spot that Cory went to to excavate blackberry bushes (that's what his presentation the other day was about, and the reason why I made all that blackberry cobbler). It's a good time to go out for a walk in the woods - the trees are all fresh and green and bright. We also ran to Borders so I could look at a book that ended up being hardcover so I'll be waiting for the paperback version to come out; and we got smoothies.

Yesterday we spent way too much time playing computer games. And we went grocery shopping.

It was a nice, relaxing weekend for both of us, I think. Cory had such a hard week last week that it was really good for him to not have any homework for a change. Just a couple more weeks, though, and he'll be done for the term (and he finished his presentation in his sustainability class so he doesn't have to do any more coursework for that one)!

I also kept my fingers crossed for clovecigarettes all weekend (and they're still crossed) - it's come to the time where if I don't see an LJ update every five minutes I assume you're in labor. So I'm thinking happy baby thoughts for you!!