June 15th, 2008

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Yay for perfect weather!

Yesterday morning we woke up bright and early and after pancakes and eggs we hit the bike lane for a jaunt downtown. We got partway and had to come back because a bolt on Cory's saddle was loose, but our second try got us all the way downtown. We started our downtown stay with some coffee at Sunnyside Up Cafe and a set in the sunshine. (They were wise to set up shop on the sunny side of the street, for the mornings.) Then we walked the two blocks to the farmers' market. I love Corvallis' farmers' market. There are tons of plants and veggies and organic wines and eggs and cheese and pretzels and even an artisan corner where you can buy non-food-or-living things. (That part is new - it used to be the market didn't allow non-farmers to sell there.) We saw lots of hippies and other Corvallisites (Corvallisans? I don't know what we are) and listened to a couple of musical groups as we walked. I spotted the local yarn shop's owner and some of her employees setting up their spot for Worldwide Knit in Public Day, which I considered going to but decided against it. Then we hopped back on our bikes and pedaled home.

Next was a trip to Costco. I grabbed the mail on the way and found a thick envelope from my cousin-in-law, with several breast cancer things in it - a card asking for help putting together a care package for Cory's sister (we just found out about her diagnosis a couple of weeks ago), a cute pink Awareness toe ring, and a couple of other things. We were in and out of Costco pretty quickly even with the millions of other people there, and back home right after lunch.

The afternoon was a lazy day of crochet, goofing off on the computer, and spray-painting the base of my table black. We got Grandma and Grandpa's stone-top table when they moved out of their house, and the base was a brass color that is kind of outdated. We also went through some old files to see if we could get rid of anything, and I now have a nice pile to shred at work on Monday.

Then we walked to Dairy Queen in the twilight and when we were full of sugar we went to bed.

Today is more for chores, I think. It's cloudy and 45 right now but the weatherman says it's supposed to be like yesterday - we'll find out. We have tons more paper to go through while the laundry gets clean (I'm trying the new soap! I wonder if it separated from the water a little - it had kind of a strange texture), and because Cory is finally done with the term (and got 3 A's and a B) we'll probably go see a matinee today to celebrate.