June 23rd, 2008

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Welcome back to Monday.

This weekend was unproductive, on the whole. On Saturday Cory and I rode downtown to find bike mirrors and a small bike bag for me to shove my wallet, cell, keys and glasses case into. I didn't love any of the under-seat bags I saw; they were all either too small or didn't open wide enough or had too much going on (zippers and velcro and all sorts of stuff). We parked at the north end of downtown and went to all of the bike shops in the city: Peak Sports, Cycletopia, Bike & Hike, and Corvallis Cyclery. I found a bag that I really liked, but if you notice the price you will correctly assume I am not the proud owner of one of 'em. So I ended up with no bag at all, which is OK. It was also muggy beyond belief - it was barely noon and 80 degrees, overcast, and both Cory and I were dripping as we shopped. We found our way back to the bikes which were parked outside Peak, and about two blocks after we started back home I realized I'd spent all that time looking for a bag and had forgotten about the mirror. So we went back to Peak and I found the mirror that I'd been looking at on the REI website, and we started home again. It took us a little while to find the segregated bike path that runs parallel to Highway 99, but once we did we flew home pretty quickly.

I spent the rest of the afternoon finishing the crocheting of the robe I'm making for a crochet pattern book. I weaved in ends as well - nobody's favorite job. We watched Be Kind, Rewind in the evening, which was kind of cute but not that exciting.

Yesterday the weather was much nicer. It was still mostly overcast but not nearly as hot or muggy. I blocked the robe and sewed on a frog closure, we watched the first DVD of season 1 of Weeds (cute show), did a little grocery shopping, and laundry. Very exciting.

Cory starts his summer classes tomorrow. I've been really enjoying having him around this last week; he treats me differently when he's not stressed out over school - I like having the extra attention. :) The summer shouldn't be too bad in terms of stress, for him, as he is taking a literature class, a history class and a writing class. All pretty easy classes, all at the community college because his financial aid doesn't cover him for the summer and LBCC is way cheaper of course.