July 2nd, 2008

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It's Remmy-memberance day. She's been gone for two years. Sometimes I still get teary when I think about her - I never thought losing a dog would be that difficult. One of the things that I thought about right after we put her to sleep was - did we do the right thing? (here's what happened with Remmy, by the way)And then a few days after she died I found a blog of a woman whose dog had the same problem that Remmy had. She she was determined to do whatever it took to keep her dog alive, no matter the cost. (We didn't have that luxury, and in the end it wouldn't have mattered anyway.) She did acupuncture, she held her dog vertical after eating so that the food would go down, she tried holistic alternative medicine, tried and tried and after so much emotional pain for her (and of course a much-reduced quality of life for her pup) she still lost him. It made me happy to know that we made a good decision to put her down when we did - she developed pneumonia pretty quickly, which ended up being the clincher. But knowing that we made the right decision really helped us begin to heal.

In other news, we are going to Redmond this weekend. Most of the CSA box this week is going with us. I'm excited to be in Redmond again - I love how quiet it is up there, and peaceful, though it won't be quite as quiet as usual, since aunts and uncles and cousins are going to come too. I hope the plums are ripe on Mom's tree!!