July 8th, 2008

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This morning when I woke up (for good, not the time that I took the alarm clock into bed with me - it's usually on the dresser across the room so I don't snooze it and go back to sleep - fat lot of good that does me on mornings like today) I lied there for a minute nice and happy because the box fan in the window was blowing jasmine-scented air into the room. My jasmine had one bloom on it two weeks ago and now it's covered in white. I wish it was possible to take scent-photos. (I bet that'd mean much more true-to-life-scented things, like lotions. I can't tell you how many times I've put lotion on thinking it'd smell like its name but it doesn't.)
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Tossed Salad

Some of you in the Portland area may have seen or read this story about a vegetable truck that flipped on I5. That was from my farm! He was on his way to deliver produce to CSA members in Portland and didn't quite make it. The link has a slideshow - it's amazing the driver came away with only a scratch on his pinkie!