July 14th, 2008

S&G 1


I'm weird. I keep putting my finger on my desk here at work and wiggling it around to wake up the computer, rather than using the trackpad on the laptop.

This weekend was hot.

Today looks like it wants to be hot too, but it's only supposed to be 85, which is 12 degrees cooler than yesterday.

I have a headache. I suspect it is from dehydration, as this weekend was very hot. Perhaps I should go refill my water bottle now that my coffee is gone.

I should email my choir director and schedule an audition. He's having everybody re-audition, and we have to sing a song we choose, and part of a song from The Messiah (And He Shall Purify, for those of ya in the know) which has a lot of quick 8th-note scales, and we also have 10 minutes to learn a new song and then perform it. Doesn't really sound all that difficult but my stomach is doing flips just thinking about it, so I'm trying to decide if I'm better off being a weenie. (My head says no but my tummy says yes!)

I ran out of dirt yesterday when I was potting, so I need another bag. And my aunt is going to give me snips of her succulents, so I don't need to buy them.

I dislike having to have the AC on at work because it's a wall unit and so loud that I have trouble hearing what's going on in the other room. (Case in point: did my coworker in the other room just say something to me, or was she talking on the phone??)