July 15th, 2008

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It's 8:30 and I haven't left for work. Why? Oh, no particular reason, just didn't feel like it. Or I lost my keys. And Cory is at school taking a quiz with his phone off so I can't ask him if he knows where they are. I've torn apart the living room, and now I'm sitting here being worried and trying to figure out where else to look. Argh.
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Anniversary Dinner

We had dinner last Saturday night at Big River, whose website is kind of annoying, just to warn you. We like Big River - we take people there when they're visiting and we want them to have a nice fancyish dinner with local food, and we go there on most anniversaries, it seems. It's nice but it's always hot in there in the summertime, and by the end of it sweat was rolling down my back which was decidedly unromantic.

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CSA Week 7

Can you tell I just unloaded my camera and iPhone tonight?

CSA Week 7

So this week we've got:
Romaine Lettuce
Purple Carrots
Sweet Onion
Zucchini/Summer Squash
Chioggia Beets

Yum. Just seeing all this stuff gave me back my cooking mojo, which was lost in the Great Hotness of the past few days. Even though it's warm in the house already, I decided to roast some onion and potatoes from the last couple of weeks to have for dinner.

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In other news, my keys are still missing. And the apartment manager isn't around so I can't ask for a replacement mail key. I hope the yarn that's coming to me hasn't come already.

OOH! I just got a phone call from the apartment manager - someone found them this evening and put them on her patio table! So I ran and got them. YAY! I am a lucky lucky girl.