July 21st, 2008

S&G 1

Walk, Forrest, Walk!

Last week my friend Erin mentioned that she was looking into walking the Champoeg Park 1/2 Marathon on September 20th with her husband. I believe it's a walking 1/2 marathon, not a running one. She asked if we'd be interested, and we decided we'd try training for it. I'm not sure if they're seriously going to be doing it, but this is a good way for Cory and I to get back into walking in the mornings. We have nine weeks to do it, which is a little short according to most of the training websites we've seen online, but we thought we'd try for walking three times a week, 4/4/4 miles, then 4/4/6, then 4/4/8, then 5/5/10, etc. If we do each of those twice in a row that'll be just about 9 weeks.

We walked this morning and it was pretty easy - we followed our old route that we used to walk before the holidays got in the way, which includes a big hill right at the beginning, but I didn't feel like I was going to die because of the biking I've been doing. On the way up we saw a deer and on the way down we saw a doe and two spotted fawns in the parking lot of an apartment complex. We walked through a couple of not-so-nice neighborhoods (not-so-nice in Corvallis terms is really probably not bad in bigger cities, heh) and then we saw a crow get hit by a car, which was sad. And then we came home and have a few sore spots - mine are in my hips a little. Tomorrow morning I'll have to reassess whether I can ride my bike to work.

Today I got yarn for my magazine project! That means I have to do math tomorrow to figure out sizing and re-examine the neckline. Woot.