July 22nd, 2008

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Ahhhh. I heart the weather this morning. I love it when a summer morning starts out all cloudy and misty and cool, and ends up about 75 degrees or so. I may have to spend some time outside this afternoon!

My glutes are feelin' the 4 miles from yesterday. I feel like I'm about 600 pounds today, waddling around instead of walking. I like feeling sore from working out, though. Tomorrow we shall walk another 4 miles.
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CSA Week 8

CSA Week 8

Green leaf lettuce
Carrots (big ones!)
Moss parsley
Summer Squash
Green Beans

Yum. Again, I'm struck by how pretty veggies are, this time with the appearance of the ruffly cabbage we got. I'm excited to let the green beans squeak in my teeth - I already ate one as I was loading up the fridge. No tomato this week - they said they're between their early crop of Siletz and high summer crop of Big Beef. I wonder if the beef tomatoes taste different than the Siletz - getting them straight from the farm, I'll be able to tell (whereas the store-bought ones all taste the same: mushy and mealy).