July 28th, 2008

S&G 1

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Mondays are for random posts. I've read several on my friends' list already, so I thought I'd join in.

*Work is boring. After having taken last Friday off, I was caught up by mid-morning. I didn't even have any phone messages.

*I had a really really nice time camping this weekend. I will post about it later today hopefully.

*Decided not to submit my tank to the fair this year. Too many other things are on my plate this second. Plus, the tank is not very impressive to Joe Schmoe anyway - maybe I'll design something lacy for next year.

*Tomorrow is my audition. I'm permanently shaky now that I've got no distractions like I did this weekend. On my way home yesterday I decided that an audition is supposed to be to show off what I'm already capable of, and so if I'm a little muddled in my sixteenth notes hopefully he'll see that I have the ability to get better once I rehearse a little more; either that or I'll have more free time. (Of course, part of me is still really worried, hence the shakiness, but it'll all be over tomorrow night at 7.)

*Talking about my audition makes me shakier. :)

*I saw Mamma Mia! yesterday with solteronita - it was campy fun. Kind of contrived, and not as good as similarly-themed movies (like Across the Universe) but we like ABBA songs and the set was devastatingly gorgeous and it looked like everybody had a ton of fun, which makes it more fun to watch.