July 30th, 2008

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OK, so I had a re-audition yesterday. I'm not sure I mentioned much of anything before about it, except that I was nervous. So I will elaborate now.

CRS has been around for 7 years or so. I've been in it for one and a half years, I believe. I auditioned in January of 2007, I think. I forget. Anyway, there are about 50 people in the choir, maybe a few less, though not everybody would be involved in every concert. Before the rehearsals for a particular concert started, we'd all get a call inviting us to sing, and as a result there would be kind of uneven sections and people would often miss a rehearsal or two, which isn't that bad unless you know that we only usually had maybe six rehearsals. It was barely enough to make us sound polished, which was always a fun challenge for me. (I'm good at sight-reading though so admittedly I almost never rehearsed at home and I still sounded fine by the concert.)

After our final concert of the season in the spring, we all got an email saying that the choir was going to be restructured, basically. The director would choose the music, and then put together a choir that fit the music, so that they blend better and hopefully it'd cut down on missed rehearsals. We scheduled auditions for the end of July that were to include a sight-reading piece, the last little bit of And He Shall Purify from Handel's Messiah to test us on how cleanly we could sing those quick 16th notes, and then a piece that we chose. And some scales to test range or color or whatever, perhaps, as well.

So as soon as I got a time scheduled, I started getting pretty nervous. I don't think I'm all that great at the 16th notes, but I only really sang through the Handel stuff in the car, which meant I couldn't really use my stomach muscles very well so the fast stuff was pretty muddy. And then I went camping so I was distracted, which was nice.

So yesterday I was nervous and shaky all day. My coworkers all left around 4:15 though, so I had almost 45 minutes to run through the Handel over and over. I used the YouTube vid I linked to above, which is a little faster than some of the other vids I've seen on YouTube. Then I went home and ate a teensy bit and got my veggies and tried to expel some of the nervous energy by scrubbing the toilet and doing some laundry.

When I got to Benton Hall there was another lady there already who had the same audition time as me, and someone was in auditioning as well. When that audition was over the director handed us both our sight-reading music and had us find practice rooms to run through it a couple of times. He told me to come down in 10 or 12 minutes, but I was comfortable with the piece after 3 minutes so I ran through the Handel once and then came downstairs and was able to go before the other lady.

He had me sing the piece I chose first, which was nice because I know it backwards and forwards and was able to calm down a little by singing it. (It's Hamilton Harty's A Lullaby, and this is the only recording I could find online for it, sorry about the quality. Hehe) Next I sang through the Handel and I nailed it! It sounded so clean; I was so happy. And then I sang the sight-reading piece, which was just a hymn so there weren't really many surprises in it. He had me sing a few scales in my lower range and then we talked about it a little, because when I originally came in to audition I was trying for soprano and he put me into the altos (which I preferred anyway), and he remembers my voice being brighter on the higher notes, but this time I was bright in my lower range, which he liked. He also said I was really versatile, being able to sing the slow lullaby and then switch to the Handel easily.

And that was that! I'm pretty confident that I did just find, and since I blend with other singers really well I'm hopeful that I get into most (if not all, heh) of the concerts. We shall see, though, in another month or so I'm assuming, when the director sends out emails to the people he wants in the fall concert.
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I'm not afraid of you!

Last night just after 1am there were hooligans outside. I awoke suddenly to hear teenage boys laughing and talking really loudly as they were walking up the street towards our apartment. Then one of them rang the neighbor's doorbell a couple of times and then they all ran off laughing. I lied there awake for a few minutes because I was kind of worried they were going to steal something off our patio or something like that, and soon I heard them again. They were a little further away this time, and then BANG! A huge firecracker went off down the street. Again, the boys ran away, giggling. That sat me straight up in bed and woke Cory up, and I went over to the window but they were gone. So I went back to bed and started thinking about what I should do.

I thought should I call the cops? No, they probably wouldn't find them, and besides, all they did was light a firecracker and ring a doorbell. But what if they try to come to my door or on my patio? I wish I had a water gun, I could spray it from inside the window through the screen onto them, and it might scare them away...

And then I fell asleep as I was thinking about it, and in my dream I was at my window (which morphed into being on a deck) in a nightgown and a bad guy was there, dressed all in black. I squirted him and he ran away, but he soon came back. I said "I'm not afraid of you!" so he started advancing toward me, so I said "ack, yes I am!" so he left; and as he left I said "no I'm not!"

So that's my exciting hooligan story. And nobody stole anything off our porch, by the way.