August 18th, 2008

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What a welcome relief this rain has been! After three days above 90 degrees (and two days above 100), on Saturday night the weather broke and thunderstorms (which are rare for this area, since we're close to the coast range so they don't have time to develop usually) rolled in around midnight. Sunday didn't quite make it to 80, and we had some showers, and I was awakened once on Sunday night to a bit of thunder.

When I got to work in the morning, I found that the phones in the back office weren't working. After phone calls to the local phone company and to our phone system company, we found that it was lightning-related and we got a technician out to replace the board thingy. One of the black port things (I'm so technical) was blown almost off the board by the lightning; the phone guy said that the bolt had traveled through the copper wiring and not through the electrical outlet. So phone service was restored, but the payroll computer can't talk to the time clocks, and we think one of them got fried. So that'll be an interesting project for tomorrow.

Tonight I'm baking Carrot Zucchini Bread. It has quite a bit of sugar (a cup and a half per loaf) but only eggwhites and applesauce instead of butter, and half whole wheat/half white flour, so it's almost good for you. The batter was so pretty too, with the green and orange and brown; and there's raisins and pecans in it too. I think if we keep getting carrots I'll probably make more carrot cake/bread since they just get soft in the fridge and we have to toss them.