November 28th, 2008

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Having fun in Bismarck

Tonight Alex took me to the filmhouse upon where we viewed a moving picture show! It was a delightful romp starring Clark Gable and a ziplock bag full of blood.

Also, my new year's resolution is to quit doing that thing with the fork. It has become quite messy.

Please leave me a comment or I will bring the wrath of my god down upon you. Thanks!!

(above: me and Isaac at the museum of natural history and snot emporium.)

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I almost forgot

solteronita and I went skating! On a mass of frozen jellyfish and goat pee! Kyra Sedgewick was there getting her funny mouth into everything! Here's the three of us:

(we're in there somewhere. Also giant alien shrooms. Kbye)

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My journal was hax0red by Ravi while we were waiting for the train. But they're funny so I'm leaving them up unless the pictures are gigantic, which I will find out when I'm not on my iPhone. :)