December 19th, 2008

S&G 1

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It's sunny now, and it's reflecting off the 4 inches of snow we got last night, and the ice that's underneath but has been exposed here and there, and the wet wigwam burner, right into my eyes. But it sure is pretty! (That's not our wigwam, by the way - I'll post one of ours later.)

Yesterday most of our snow melted in the 37 degree heat, and the roads were just wet and it was nice to drive the speed limit for the first time since last Sunday. But then at around 6pm I went out to the car to come to work and pick up some things I was going to give to my coworker, and noticed the parking lot was a skating rink so I decided not to get in the car. It snowed over the top of all the ice during the night, and everything was so pretty this morning, under a clear sky with the moon coming up and the pink light everywhere. I waited a bit to come to work but made it here pretty easily even though nobody had sanded the roads or anything yet.

Our couch was supposed to be delivered yesterday, but never showed up. I'm thinking the weather and the time of year had something to do with it. Cory called to say the main part of the couch came today but we're missing the other big package so we'll have to live with a very cluttered living room until everything else comes. Cory said one of the UPS people was pretty unhappy with him because of the weight of the package, which made him feel bad, but the other one commented on his Lego Christmas train. Heh.

Tonight is our last rehearsal for the Christmas concert tomorrow. I wonder if we'll get as good a turnout as everybody is hoping - apparently it's supposed to stay pretty cold and slippery for the next couple of days and we might even have a white Christmas. Hope that doesn't keep us from visiting Cory's dad in Seattle for Christmas weekend.