January 7th, 2009

S&G 1


We all know my kitty is strange. A couple of months ago, for instance, she started coming up to lie on my pillow at bedtime and she'd bite my head. Not like the quick pouncy bites that kitties usually do when they're playing, but a long, gnawing one.

She's also been very stompy. I don't know why, but for quite awhile now when she gets into a mood she'll come stomp on our feet or hands with her back feet, and it usually dissolves into playfully attacking us with claws and teeth. But in the last week or two her stomping has become more lovey than playful, and now she has a strange routine where Cory will kneel on the floor with his arms up on the bed, and she'll come up and stomp all over his arm and hand and up onto his shoulder. She gives him little love bites, and purrs the whole time, and after about ten or fifteen minutes (if Cory lets her do it for that long) she settles down on the top of his hand. Usually Cory gets tired of sitting there so he moves his hand, and then she comes up to my pillow for her little bite (or just sticking her nose in my hair for a few minutes) and then goes downstairs to prowl around while we fall asleep.

I finally uploaded a video of the weirdo: