May 7th, 2009

S&G 1

Life with Linus


Seems like we're starting to get the hang of the schedule we've got Linus on. He didn't have any accidents for the last two days, but then he had one by the door this morning. It was our fault, though, we slept in a little so he was in his kennel an extra hour today. (He's been getting through the night really well without waking us up at all!) We still need to work on leash training, though - he doesn't pull, he'll just take a few steps and then sit down and refuse to go anywhere. It seems to happen less often when we're both taking him out together (maybe that bolsters his confidence?) but it seems like he's just experiencing all this new stuff (it took FOREVER to get past the boys playing basketball across the street, he'd take three steps and sit. And three steps and sit. And if they made any whooping or cheering noises he'd sit. Heh.) and he needs to process it still.

So we're making progress, and the biggest lesson for me is patience. :)