Meggie! (rivulet) wrote,

Today was Bethany's wedding. I ended up not going. I was excited for it until Cory got his tooth pulled, and then I didn't want to go by myself so I stayed here and watched movies and finished my quilt top.

So Cory got his tooth pulled finally, on Friday afternoon. The Novocain worked fine and he wasn't in any pain when he came out, but then it started hurting pretty badly an hour or so later. He's been healing since then. I'm not very good at taking care of him though. I went to Safeway last night and got him yogurt so he could eat something, and today I went to get DVDs but he came with me so we could get stuff that he wanted.

Tomorrow I should be doing something dog-related with Dylan and girl_on_a_stick and Remmy, but I'm not sure what yet. And I need to go back to the fabric store to get batting for the quilt. It's coming together lots faster than I thought it would.

Well, off to bed...
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