Meggie! (rivulet) wrote,

Tonight I might get to make more of my famous Moroccan Spiced Lamb Casserole with Sweet Potatoes and Olives! Yay! I just can't get a hold of Cabbage (a.k.a. Brandon) to see when he wants to start because it takes an hour and a half to cook.

My friend Josh likes me, I think. He is the coolest guy - really funny and sweet... and I really like him - as a friend. So I don't know what to do. It's so flattering to have someone like you, but I'm afraid it's just a sudden infatuation... and those are just as hard to stop as being in love... he mentioned he'd probably like Oregon, and I agree, but I REALLY don't want him to go just because of me, because look what happened when I moved to Minnesota because of Mike. And we were in love in that case. It would be a really rash decision. He doesn't really even know me, and he really has no idea what I'm like. But I like hanging out with him, and I wouldn't mind showing him around in Portland... grr. I hope it just goes away... it's going to be so hard to tell him if he really does like me. Besides, it's kind of fun being with someone who puts me first - although I don't quite know how to handle it... sigh...
Tags: josh
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