Meggie! (rivulet) wrote,

Reading about all my friends' Valentine's day memories has made me nostalgic. So now it's my turn! :)

I remember last V-day. It was very good. But I don't remember the ones before that at all. I wonder if Mike treated me right. Ha, I doubt it. :P

For some reason, when I think of Valentine's Day, I think of elementary school (just like azucena! hehe). I think it was 3rd grade. My classmates and I wove heart-shaped baskets out of pink and purple paper to hang on the sides of our desks. Mom and Haley and I ran to Fred Meyer the night before to buy little bags of Conversation Hearts to pass out, and glued them to heart-shaped paper with puff-paint words. I always got a few cartoony Valentines you get in the box (Barbie, Looney Toons, dinosaurs...) that weren't signed. My classmate Sterling's mom and younger sister came to class to do V-day crafts with us. Haley and I dug up the book "Things to Make and Do for Valentine's Day" and read it, but never did any of the crafts and games in it. Mom gave us the best valentines every year - for some reason, the one I remember most was a shallow wire basket in the shape of a heart, and a tiny bear pin that she made for each of us. My senior year, I got books for my senior project! I miss Mom. :)

Last year, Cory brought me roses and candy and a Starbucks bear, and surprised me at work. I think I was red the entire afternoon. Tomorrow will be much more tame - I told him not to get me anything, but I know he'll do it anyway. Which means that I'd better get my butt in gear and get him something. The trip to the beach is pretty much out, as there's a chance of rain and I don't want to go all the way out there and not be able to have a bonfire in the sand. Instead, we'll choose a crock-pot recipe and I'll throw everything in in the morning so we can have a leisurely dinner at home. I almost want to use our Edgefield gift certificate, but I'm sure I'll appreciate it more on our wedding night.

I have 22 minutes left before I get to go home! Yay!
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