Meggie! (rivulet) wrote,

Just got home.
Got much wedding stuff done today.

Went to Salem, picked up my aunt Stacey, took her to Grandma's, and then the three of us (plus my aunt Tia and cousin Taryn) went to lunch and to JoAnn and to Michael's. We got the tulle for my veil and a comb, some beads to make my head wrap thing, my flower girl's basket, a pie server spatula thing, and half of the bouquets.

Here's the dry (and plastic!) flowers I got for the filler in my bouquet (and probably the girls' bouquets too):

Stac and I strung beads to put around my head, and then we tried them out. My veil's gonna come out at the back of my head somewhere, and my hair's not going to look quite like that, but it gave us an idea.

And, of course, I had to be a dork and play with the beads too.
Tags: wedding planning
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