Meggie! (rivulet) wrote,

Funny how things change. :)

Last night I was still ticked off that the temp got the job and not me. And finding out this morning that she's getting a cube by the window didn't help. (Not because I wanted a window seat, but because they gave it to their new hire, not the second-in-command. Whatever. She must be a superhero.)

But then I was thinking about the co-op job that's open, and had practically decided not to try for it (I was going to wait for the promotions job) when the lady who I'd be assisting passed me in the hallway and said "are you going to give me your resume or not? Because I want to look it over and talk to you about it." So I did. And she emailed me my interview so I didn't even have to go down to HR about it. I'm pretty sure I'll get it, but you never know. I was pretty sure I'd get the PR job too! :)

And Bruce just came by and said "how did that PR temp beat you at that job? You should have gotten it!" That made me feel good.
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