Meggie! (rivulet) wrote,

Budgeting is our friend. :)

I was really upset about not getting that job because I wanted to be making enough money to afford the wedding. But we had a wedding budget meeting, and realized that we didn't know how much half the stuff was going to be (mostly paper products and wine and stuff) so we ran to Costco and checked out prices.

We ended up spending about $50 on napkins, cups, and plates (and a pie and some frozen chicken and dishwashing soap, heh) and when we got back, Cory put all that into the budget along with the prices of a bunch of things we'll buy later. And then we realized that we need only $60 to meet the budget, and then we'll be (sorta) done saving money for the wedding!! Eeee! Of course, we'll be putting more money in so we can have a comfortable honeymoon and just in case other things come up (which they will). But you can't imagine what a HUGE weight has been lifted off our shoulders. :) I'm just glad that we kept a budget so we know exactly where everything's going, and to keep better track of what we still need. Yay for budgeting!
Tags: wedding planning
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