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The wee wee weekend

Friday midmorning, I suggested to Cory that we go for a short trip on the weekend to get his mind off the quitting smoking thing. We decided on Ashland.

So Saturday morning, we got up and packed a few things, grabbed the dog, and headed south. When we hit Corvallis, we got coffee (well, Cory did - I got a chai that was way too strong), took Remmy to her favorite park, got a disposable camera (while eyeing the "real" cameras) at Fred's, and drove around the neighborhoods looking at houses that we'd have to choose from if we decided to move down there. A lot of the houses were kinda dumpy, but there were plenty of nice ones, and it made me excited to move! I like Corvallis. Shut up.

Then we stopped at the Burger King right by Nicoal's house (I waved to you!) and got some lunch. They gave me my frozen Coke in a styrofoam cup. I didn't know fast food joints were still allowed to use styrofoam.

Then we drove to Grant's Pass and got petrol and traded places so Cory could drive for awhile.

Then we got to Ashland and checked into the Super-8 and went downtown and walked around. It wasn't quite dinnertime yet, but we walked around the entire downtown pretty much, and were hungry by the time we were about finished, so we stopped at the Siskiyou Brewery thingy. (By the way, last time we walked through downtown Ashland, it was dark, and it had much more charm. This time there was nothing really to do, and we kept trying to go into places but they were all closing, and it was only FIVE!)

Then we went back to the motel and got out of our wet clothes and turned on the TV. Yes, we're sad: the biggest part of going to a motel is to utilize the cable TV, since we refuse to pay for our own at home. 'Cause we don't need it. Anyway, we avoided stuff on the war the best we could, and watched Trading Spaces on TLC where the bitch lady called her husband a leprechaun and ran away when she saw her living room because she hated it. And then we watched What Not to Wear, which made me sad because they ragged on the girl really bad.

The next morning, we got up and went to the Beaner(eener). It's nothing like the Beaner(eener) in Corvallis. But that's OK. I got a Cafe Borgia. Mmm, orange zest. We took Remmy out and started up to Crater Lake. (I forgot to say this before: we decided on the way to Ashland that we should go to Crater Lake since neither of us had been before.) We went through Shady Cove, which was a very cute little town with an interesting mix of old-west-looking facades and trailers. We stopped at a state park surrounding a reservoir and let Remmy swim in it. The geese didn't appreciate that, but that's OK because we didn't appreciate the green goose poop all over the place. Then we headed off again. Before long there were patches of snow beside the road. Before long there was a dusting of snow on the trees. Before long there were 5-foot snow berm thingies on both sides of the road and slush and patches of snow on the street. We started going very slowly, and people behind us were annoyed (though there weren't many people behind us, so that was good). We have no clue why people were driving so fast up and down the mountain. It was really slippery!

Finally we got up to the top, and weren't ready for the snow of course so we got cold ankles from trying to go up a hill and finding really deep snowdrifts. But we got up to the top of this little hill and stopped at the sign that said "don't go any further or you'll fall into Crater Lake" and there it was in all its glory. We got pictures. Maybe I'll share them once we get them developed. We explored around the lodge that was all covered in snow, trying to stay away from the eaves because icicles were dripping and breaking off and falling down and that might have hurt. Then we got a postcard for Brenda and some cherry Coke in the little cafeteria/gift shop place, and we started going back down the mountain. We pulled over probably twice for people who were going faster than us (which was hard because the road was so narrow - we had to wait for little turnouts that the snowplows had made) and again were miffed at the people going so fast, and for good reason: we rounded a corner and happened upon a minivan swerving all over the road. It ALMOST hit us but Cory was smart enough to gun it and we went by right as it fishtailed in our direction. That got our hearts going!

We found a shortcut that took us through Gold Hill instead of having to go all the way down to Medford and then back up I5, and we concocted a lifestyle change, which will begin on April 1st. We're going to start running every other day, and eating right, and all that good stuff. I should start flossing too. We talked about that almost all the way back up to Portland. On the way, I got a huge guacamole burger at Carl's Junior and we saw fifty rainbows (or so) and the weather was generally weird, like it always is about this time in Oregon. Oh yes, and while we were driving up to Crater Lake, I also figured out a way to make the army blanket Remmy sits on in the back into an actual seat cover, which will be nice because then Remmy won't pull it down from where we keep tucking it behind the seat. I must go get a dowel and some thread!

We got home and relaxed and I started on shaping my hankie edgings and it was nice to be back in our bed. Cheap motel beds are not my favorite.

Then this morning, I went and got my first dental exam in 2 or so years. They poked my gums and made them bleed, and that was about it. Oh, and they x-rayed me. When the tech came in, she looked at my x-ray and said "wow, you still have your wisdom teeth?!" And when the dentist came in, he said "wow, you still have your wisdom teeth?!" So I got put on a waiting list to get an appointment with the dental surgeon to get them out. I now have an indefinite amount of time to pout and be nervous. Then at the end of the exam, the tech said "we had a cancellation today, so do you want to come in and get your cleaning and sealants done at 2?" I jumped at it because Kaiser sucks when it comes to scheduling something in a timely manner. So I worked for a few hours and then went back to the dentist, where they scraped a hell of a lot of plaque off my teeth and put sealants on and discovered 1 cavity. 1! I was sure I'd have like twelve. And they just sealed it, pretty much, with the same nasty-tasting stuff they put on my other teeth. Whee!

Wow, that was long. Hopefully as the weather gets nicer I'll be doing more things that warrent huge long posts.
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