Meggie! (rivulet) wrote,

This post brought to you by rini, who reminded me I still have an LJ.

I'm so bad, not posting. There, self-induced guilt-trip over.

I finally pinned my batting and backing and quilt face together. I had to do it at work because there was no flat, hard surface to tape the backing onto so it wouldn't wrinkle. Then last night while Cory was watching Dr. Strangelove (take the Dr. and the love part out and you've just about got it), I did a bunch of the tufting. Or tying. Or whatever. I've got it just about half done. The back looks really cool. And then I have to put the binding on, which will be mildly annoying but I'll be glad to finish it.

I also put together an agenda for everything that needs to happen on the wedding day and rehearsal day. I checked it with Mom 'cause I knew she'd remember stuff I was forgetting, and now all I have to do is schedule times to go with it, and it should be good. I'll keep showing it to people and I'll probably end up putting it on the website for my girls and Cory's groomsmen so they can see it. Which reminds me, I need to call Rachel.

Anyway, today we went and bought our wedding rings. Cory got a 6mm brushed white-gold comfort-fit band, and I got a wrap with three small diamonds on each side in a cluster. It looks really good, I'm excited to wear it. It's a size or two bigger than the engagement ring, so I'm going to get it resized and soldered together after the honeymoon.

I'm hungry.
Tags: crafts, wedding planning
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