Meggie! (rivulet) wrote,

This morning, my coworker said "I was driving to work, and I saw this girl walking, and I thought 'jeez, she looks really good! Now I wish I went walking last night!'" And then she realized it was me. :) I was on my way to the track. Cory didn't feel well this morning so I went jogging by myself. Yay for me!

Yesterday I sent the invitations. I'm really excited to start getting RSVPs, which is kinda silly. But I don't care. Actually, part of me hopes that a lot of people don't RSVP, because then I won't have to pay for their parking passes. :)

Today's going by slowly. It doesn't help that a certain fiance made me miss him this morning, so now I'm thinking about him a lot and wishing it was Saturday so I could be with him all day instead of at work, typing addresses onto labels and sticking them on envelopes. (My job is so glamorous.)

This is me reminding myself to talk to girl_on_a_stick about Cory's wedding gift.
Tags: health, wedding planning
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