Meggie! (rivulet) wrote,

Last night Cory and I went out for a night on the town. We went to Koji's on NW 21st and Irving, and spent $18 on two rolls of sushi and a prawn/veggie tempura appetizer. Cory was still hungry, so we went to Rose's Deli on 23rd and got a reuben, and ate it on the stairs leading up to an insurance company. Then we walked around a bit to let our food settle before going to Papa Haydn's. Papa Haydn's was really busy, as was everything down there - we blame it on the first warm day of the year. After walking around trying to find a place to sit and have a non-caffeinated drink, we gave up and went back to the car. It was 8 by then (and still light out - whee!). We thought about going down to the waterfront, where Barrio Latinos was going to be playing for Cinco de Mayo, but we were sleepy so we went home instead. We thought about getting Coronas and sitting on the porch, but the former never happened. We changed into pajamas and sat on the deck and listened to the frogs and crickets and talked and touched and relaxed. It was a very nice ending to a busy day. I recommend quietly sitting on the deck on a nice evening far above going to NW Portland bars. :)
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