Meggie! (rivulet) wrote,

I'm in the middle of crocheting another blanket for my coworker. She paid me $40 for a baby blanket, booties, and a hat. I'm using the same patterns, because it's another, unrelated friend's baby she's going to be giving it to. And I'm using the same colors (kinda) because they're both boys. :) Except I'm making this blanket bigger because the other one was too small, and because then I can get $40 out of her again even though I'm not going to make a hat this time. Part of me thinks that $40 is too much to charge for just a pair of booties and a baby blanket that take a couple days of infrequent crocheting at the very most. And then the other part of me says 1. She'll pay me that much, and 2. I'm freakin' planning a wedding here, and that takes up all my free time (well, most of it anyway), and it's annoying to have to put this on the back burner for a coworker that I don't even like. Except for the fact that she pays me money for almost nothing. :)
Tags: crochet
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