Meggie! (rivulet) wrote,

I haven't had to ask my supervisor to find me something to do in a long time. But today it got so quiet so quickly that I decided to email her and ask.

And then I remembered what happens every single time I ask her to find me something to do.

She says "I'll check around!" I'll email her again in half an hour asking if she's found anything, which she won't. I'll wait for her to email me when she finds something, and end up going home at the end of my shift without her finding anything.

Oh well, at least I look like I'm trying to find something to do.

Tonight I will eat Apple Stuff and play with my new MusicMatch Jukebox PLUS! (thanks, kimie!) and watch Gilmore Girls/Smallville that we recorded last night and maybe vacuum if I have the desire. (I'm tired of laying down to stretch after jogging and getting random bits of outside stuck on my sweaty back.)

Someone ought to entertain me.
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