Meggie! (rivulet) wrote,

I'm shocked at the condemnation I've received from people when I tell them I'm keeping my maiden name, as well as taking my FH's. We're in the 21st century, people. Just because I'm getting married doesn't mean I have to give up who I am and become my husband's property. It seems like such an archaic tradition to me.

This quote is from a girl in weddingplans. So, while I'm fine with her having an opinion on the subject that's different than mine... come ON! Why are women so upset about "becoming my husband's property"?! First of all, yes, we're in the 21st century, where taking someone's name doesn't mean you're their slave, it means you're their wife. Second of all, if you're so worried about losing your identity, you ought to take a really good look at yourself and ask why you're GETTING MARRIED THEN!! How is a symbolic name change "losing your identity," but getting married, becoming legally tied to a man, and all that shit NOT "losing your identity?"

Argh. Sorry. I really do think it's fine to not want to change your name when you get married, and you can keep it for whatever reason you want, it's just that it frustrates me that women want to be "liberated" from being "owned" by their husbands - it's just like women spelling "women" without the "men." What's the point? They're just words, not huge signs on your forehead saying "I'M INFERIOR!"

EDIT:I also don't get how you can be losing your identity by taking someone's name when your maiden name is the same name as everybody else in your family (and if it's a common name, you share it with a lot more people!). Your identity isn't your label. It's what's inside you.
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