Meggie! (rivulet) wrote,

So... very... tired...

So, we got up at 5am, put on our running shoes, and drove to Lake Oswego to wake up Mike, Cory's best man. And then we had coffee and then we ran the Lake Run 5k. Yikes! It was a very pretty run, and I was very proud of myself. I started jogging at the beginning of April, and could barely run anywhere. On Wednesday I could only run 3 laps (3/4 mile) in a row. And during the race I ran just a bit over a mile without stopping. I think we averaged about 11 minutes a mile, which isn't the best, but I didn't walk that much!

And then we drove all around Estacada/Oregon City/etc, and did some measuring out at McIver, and found the pizza place we're going to be getting our rehearsal dinner at. It's in Estacada, which is much better than Oregon City, like the place we were thinking of going (which was closed, by the way).

So now we're relaxing (we just got home), and we're sore. It's a really good sore, though. I'm very tired and very proud of myself. :)
Tags: health, wedding planning
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