Meggie! (rivulet) wrote,

Billy Joel and Elton John were wonderful. :) We had
pretty good seats, off to the side. The stadium was
PACKED and it was so loud that my ears rang for the
rest of the night. (Yes Dad, I know that's not good for

Today is our second anniversary... Mike's really busy all
day and he's leaving for Denver tomorrow for a show so I
don't think anything is planned. Oh well.

I swam in Weaver Lake yesterday. It was a bit cold and
there was a lot of algae in the water. And I have a little bit
of a burn on my shoulders and across the top of my
back. My arms got a little bit of color too, but it's already
changed to tan. My shoulders take a few days before the
red turns to brown. Or beige. I'm never brown.
Tags: mike
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