Meggie! (rivulet) wrote,

I've been typing out addresses for the past few minutes. One address that's popped up both yesterday and today is for Meadows of Dan, Virginia. Oh Lordy, how I want to go see Meadows of Dan.

This morning I was putting updated calendars in the vendor meeting rooms up by the front desk, and I noticed that there was one too many chairs in Conference Room #3 (Mad River Room) and there was an ugly blue chair in Conference Room #2 (Snake River Room) that belonged in another Conference room (Timberline Room). So I grabbed the blue chair and put it back in the Timberline Room, and then went into the Mad River Room to get the extra chair. And right before I got to the Snake River Room, two people from IS, who were chatting away and didn't notice me, went into the Snake River Room and shut the door, leaving me standing there with the extra chair. Grr.
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