Meggie! (rivulet) wrote,

OK, I'm tired of working with Donnita now. She was in the room when I finally got a hold of Cory on the phone and said "Where have you been?!" to him. I think that's a reasonable thing to say when you're used to having someone at home all day and all of a sudden they're not there. When I hung up, she said "shame on you! You shouldn't check up on him!" I said "Well, he just went to Starbucks and it took too long..." and he said "I don't care! It doesn't matter!" I just stopped talking then. Luckily, someone came in to talk to her, so I don't have to. I'm so tired of her telling me what I need to do with my fiance and with my dog and with my cat. ARGH. What I need to do is just stop talking about my personal life, and then she won't have anything to give me advice about.
Tags: columbia, rants
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