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I wrote this at 7:30 this morning, but since LJ was acting up, I had to wait 'til now to post it.

A nice weekend was had by all. In my family, anyway.

You already know what happened on Saturday. On Sunday, since there was a huge sale at REI for the weekend, we went and bought $160-worth of camping equipment, for the honeymoon. We got cook sets and a little folding shovel and a tarp and stuff. And then when we were on the way home, we both realized that it'd be the pits if we couldn't try out our new camping equipment right then and there, so we made a quick pit stop at home to unwrap everything and pack it up all nice, (and print out a map of the area) and another quick pit stop at Fred Meyer for some hot dogs and s'more fixins, and then we headed up into Washington. We'd been planning on going to Mount St Helens on Monday, so we had a general idea of where we wanted to go. We were afraid there wouldn't be any campgrounds with spots left, but the first one we went to had plenty. We set up camp and endured the teenage boys across the "street" yelling and screaming and being teenage boys, and had burnt hot dogs (YUM) and s'mores and quiet quiet camp sex later; and then we got up extra early in the morning, tried our new camping french press (must remind ourselves to bring travel mugs!), packed up and got out of there.

It was a very pretty morning, which made up for the fact that we'd forgotten to bring breakfast. We were at Ape Cave by just after seven, and since it's open all the time, we got right in and spelunked. My ass is now sore from climbing up rocks and things. It's a good mile and a half all the way through, and then you have to hike back down to the start above ground, so it was a pretty good haul. We drove back down to Woodland to grab some Burgerville brunch, and then back up as far as we could go on a dirt road to do some more hiking. There were a lot of people up there, but nobody took the path we did so we were alone almost the whole time. On the way back, Remmy found a patch of snow and rolled in it like a crazy dog. It was really funny.

So then we went back down the mountain, and looked at all the pretty views, and drove south through Carson and across the Hood River Toll Bridge into Hood River. We had dinner at Horse Tail Brewery or something like that, which was packed, and we hadn't had anything since Burgerville so we were pretty buzzed from our pints of beer that came before the food did. We were very giggly. We walked around a bit, and we were both sore from sleeping on the ground and my shoes were dying (the lining was rubbing off and I was getting a blister from rubbing my heel on plastic) so we probably looked weird, hobbling all over the place. We grabbed a bit of coffee, woke the dog up (she was sound asleep in the back of the car, and we snuck up on her and yelled her name when our faces were in the window, and she opened her eyes before she could even see, showing a bunch of pink tissue underneath her eyes. It's hard to explain, but trust me, it was disgusting) and drove west on 84. We were very happy to get home. Ahh, a real bed. Oh yes, and we watched Simone too. It was a good movie. I'm not sure why nobody liked it. There were so many layers of satire and sarcasm - it'll be fun to watch it again and try to find all the little cracks it makes at movie people.

So now it's today. I couldn't wake up very well. It's going to be 82 today. I'm having graham crackers and peanut butter for breakfast. We'll go get our camping pictures developed tonight, hopefully. And now, off to work.
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