Meggie! (rivulet) wrote,

By the time we got to Hood River on Monday, I had a blister on my heel (higher up, on my achilles tendon) because the padding on the back of my boot wore away and my heel was rubbing against bare plastic. So I took them in to the footwear department today to show them what happened and ask if it was normal wear and tear. The guy said that it has happened before, and it's "normal" for the mesh to wear away like that. (I'd had them for a year, and used to wear them every day to work.) He made a note for the admin assistant to give me a new pair of boots, and I gave him the old ones so he could show designers and such. So I get a new pair of hiking boots AND I get to wear test some really cute travelling shoes as soon as the fit tests are over! They look like bowling shoes, but not with all the scary colors, and a bit more sporty.
Tags: columbia
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