Meggie! (rivulet) wrote,

I enjoy editing... but not so much if it's 40 pages long, and not so much if it's something that I've been working on for several months, and not so much if I can't think of any other ideas. If anybody wants to read it and make suggestions, they should let me know.

I also enjoy eating... but I only have $230 or so in my account and I owe Minnesota $100 for speeding in lovely Jackson... and I have to live off the rest of it until I get a job... although I think Byerly's should be sending me my paycheck for the last week or so of working there, which won't give me much more, but at least it'll be SOMETHING. Meanwhile, I don't want to spend any money so I'm trying to live off of a few fig newtons and some top ramen. Maybe I should go to Trader Joe's and get some parmesan cheese to put on noodles. And some eggs. And some fruit from the produce place next door... Limbo, I think it's called... Sad that I don't want to go by myself... I should. I'm such a wuss. If Josh was here, he'd go with me. Yay for Josh!
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