Meggie! (rivulet) wrote,

OK. Semi-lazy days part deux.

Anyway, we saw A Mighty Wind at noon-thirty at the Fox Tower downtown. It's always weird to go downtown the day after a big function (Starlight Parade had about 200,000 people watching it) and see how empty it is. The previews started and they were so loud it was all I could do to keep from covering my ears. But they got it fixed before the movie started. And the movie itself was pretty funny. Eugene Levy is so good.

When the movie was over, we picked up the pictures and went to get This is Spinal Tap and American Pie, which I still haven't seen. Shame on me - it's 4 years old! I'm pretty sure I won't be impressed, though. I saw Scary Movie and quickly got tired of all the sex/potty jokes.

Anyway, it took probably half an hour before we realized that the same guys who played the Folksmen in A Mighty Wind were Spinal Tap's 3 main members. I don't know why it took us so long, because we read that when Spinal Tap went on tour, the Folksmen, which was the same three guys, opened for them, and got booed off the stage. Hehe

We cleaned up most of the house, and I rearranged the living room. I'm not so sure I like the way it is yet, but I'll think about it for a few days and see what happens.

And now it's Monday already. Let's hope this week goes by quickly - or let's at least hope that I get wedding stuff done during the week. I've been putting a lot of stuff off for no reason besides that I'm lazy.
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