Meggie! (rivulet) wrote,

Mailroom antics 'n' stuff

Today, Donnita came up to me and very seriously asked me what we should do about Ken's... ahem... b.o. She said "the other day, Ken came in to work and he smelled really bad. I think we should figure out a way to talk to him before it starts getting hotter outside and he gets worse." I said "I'm not too worried about it..." and tried not to smile. What a silly thing - having to talk to a coworker because they smell like sweat. Jeez.

Oh yes. I forgot to mention that on Sunday at about 2:30am we were awakened by the police outside our window again. I'm sure glad I live on the third floor and not on the first floor. This time the lady below us had called 911 because her next-door neighbors (the ones who've had trouble with the law before) told her to call and say someone was breaking into cars. So they went into the apartment and grabbed a guy and cuffed him and stood him outside on the front walkway for half an hour while dispatch ran an ID on him. They grilled him the entire time. "How'd you get here?" (He was just visiting the neighbors, I guess.) "Where do you live?" "Why are you getting social security checks?" (Actually, that one was funny. They asked him where he got his income, and he said "social security." When they asked him why he was getting social security, he said "why do you need to know that stuff? I don't ask you where you get your money!" and the officer said "well, I'd hope it's goddamn obvious!" Hehe) Finally, they let him out of the cuffs and made him leave. Except he just got in his car and sat there. But they seemed to think that was good enough and they left. I don't know if he ever drove away or if he came back in. That makes me mad - having the police come to deal with the neighbors for 2 or three weekends in a row. At first it was fun, like watching an episode of Cops but not as exciting, and now it's just annoying. The Jedi broomstick kid (which we got pictures back of - I'll try to post them later today or tomorrow) lives there, and he's only like 12. Poor kid.
Tags: humor
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