Meggie! (rivulet) wrote,

I just got back from my oral surgery consultation. I don't think anybody noticed that my hands were shaking enough to alter my signature pretty visibly. :) The surgeon has done this for 20-odd years, so I trust him. He went through a very long spiel about what I could expect and what the drawbacks are from not having it done as well as having it done, and all that good stuff. He said I looked really laid-back about it. Ha. It's going to be $280 or something like that, though it would have been way more had I wanted to get completely put to sleep. I chose Antivan and happy gas. Whee! It won't be happening until after the wedding, though, which is good.

We were going to go to Paper Zone today, but I think we changed our minds. We need to watch American Pie so we can take it back to the video store, and I think I'll do some of my quilt while I watch, since I know it's not something I need to focus all my attention on in order to understand. :P
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