Meggie! (rivulet) wrote,

So we cut our weekend short to catch up on wedding plans, and here we are both playing on the internet. Heh.

Friday afternoon, we got off to kind of a late start, which was a dumb idea because traffic is always bad on Friday evenings. (Actually, we went all the way down 217 surprised that there was almost no traffic, and then as soon as I hit the on-ramp to I5, there it was.) We drove to Grandma's to meet Mom and Dennis, and while Cory went to Starbucks I tried on my dress again to see if the zipper placement was OK, which it was. There are a few more minor adjustments to make, and then it'll be DONE! It's so pretty - especially the back. I'm pleased. When Cory got back, we chatted a bit and then headed for my aunt Tia's house, where we had dessert and watched my cousin (who graduated that evening) open her presents and stuff. We were at my other aunt Stacey's house by midnight, all set up in the tent on their patio on our blow-up beds. Remmy doesn't like sleeping on blow-up beds.

Saturday morning we got up and drove to Corvallis, where we walked around on the waterfront and looked at the farmer's market, and went to AJ's for lunch. Cory drank his beer too fast, which prompted a stop at Gottschalk's (which is having their closing sale), and a purchase of an interesting shirt for $5 that Cory wore for the rest of the day. He actually looks pretty good in it. Then we drove out to Alsea Falls and let Remmy play at the bottom, and we found 2 salamanders and sat on the rocks and let the water rush all over us. It felt really good, as we never really cooled down from the several days of 90+ degree heat we've had to endure. Remmy was annoyed with us towards the end, because we were sitting on top of the largest falls, and she couldn't come too close to the edge.

Then we drove down to Eugene and walked around a bit, and ate yummy dinner at Glenwood Cafe (salmon/green onion/cream chease scramble - mmm!) and some coffee/iced chai at Starbucks (with lots of studying college students), and we drove around trying to make it so we weren't early for Josh's party.

We got to the Wetlands Cafe and were the second group there, but everybody else came soon after. We saw lyletavernier there, who we hadn't seen in a long time. It was nice to see him again! I watched Cory play pool, and then solteronita and Cory and I played The Farming Game for almost three hours in the bar. Lots of people looked at us funny.

At 11pm, we decided we'd better get going, since we still had to get over to Redmond before we could sleep, so we started packing up the Farming Game, and Cory bought me a dozen red roses from a guy who was walking around selling them. (They survived the trip home and are on the mantel now. They smell goooood.) We got a couple blocks away from the bar before Cory remembered he'd forgotten to close out his tab, so we went back really quick, and were on our way. I had been gung-ho about going to Redmond just a few hours earlier, but now we were both tired and Cory felt like he was going to puke from drinking Skittlebrau, so we decided to go home and sleep in our nice bed. Cory drove to Corvallis and I drove the rest of the way home while he slept. The house was hot and stuffy when we got back, but Cory was pretty much asleep in bed before I could get the roses into a vase and open all the windows.

And this morning we played more Farming Game until we got bored, and now we need to do wedding stuff no matter how much we don't want to do it. I have to email a bunch of people and ask if they'll do little jobs at the wedding/reception, and Cory has to design stuff.
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