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OK, bear with me, as the next several posts will be lengthy. :)

I got off work early so I could straighten up the house as best I could for our visitors that were coming in (Cory's brother, and sister & her family). We went and got lunch for ourselves and pop for everybody, and tried to make sure we were organized. At a bit before five, we went to my aunt Carol's house in Raleigh Hills, and had Tony Roma ribs and potato salad and stuff with my cousin Gina (the one I didn't invite to the wedding), my cousin Donna and her husband Dave, Grandma and Grandpa, Haley, Dad and Bonnie, and my good friend Tiffany Hybl, who couldn't make it to the wedding. We opened wedding presents and had good chats with everyone. When we got home, we wrote our thank-you notes for the evening, and Joel got to the apartment at about 9pm. Cory's sis and her family were going to come, but decided not to since they were tired from their trip up from Texas. We talked with Joel for a bit and then went to sleep.

We got up early and met Cory's mom and stepdad and his sister and two neices at our apartment, and we all (except for the very tired stepdad) to the zoo. I think I saw 3 different animals there. Nobody really did anything but walk around apathetically because it was so hot. We rode the train and saw the wild bird show, and then went home. Rachel was there when we got there, setting things up for the bachelorette evening. It was so hot, and I was worried that the wedding was going to be hot too. Joel, the best man Mike, and Cory went out for the evening after Rach and I went back to my aunt Carol's house to pick up Haley. We took the dog out and got dressed, and people started showing up for the little party. I invited 10 or 12, but I only got 5: Haley, Rach, solteronita, rini, and Ellen. I opened a few little gifts, and we went off to Imbrie Hall for dinner. (I had a black forest ham sandwich - mmm!) When dinner was over, Ellen and Erin had to leave, which was disappointing, and it was just me and the bridesmaids left. We went home and Rach and Nicoal painted a pitcher for me and we had apple martinis and wine, and then when Nicoal went home, Rach and I played The Farming Game (while Haley chatted on the computer) until midnight, when the boys got home. Joel, Rach, and Haley slept over, and Cory kissed my back a lot and was very mushy - it was our last night together as single people.
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